Monaco Grand Prix

Back from a fantastic Bank Holiday weekend in the South of France.
Stayed with friends who have a great house in Juan Les Pins, Antibes.
This is the view from their top floor looking out onto the harbour. Apparently, Madoff's yacht is one of those you see here in the distance.
I would love to wake up to this view each morning - top picture - it is just so good for the soul.

On Sunday, went to the Monaco Grand Prix which we viewed from the Cafe de Paris, just by the Casino.
I have always found Monaco to be a very strange place indeed and am always reminded of the Somerset Maugham quote about the Cote d'Azur being "a sunny place for shady people".
It was bizarre to watch some of the other guests - my favourite being the very young Eastern European ladeee wearing a velour shorts-suit which would not have looked out of place on a Walford market stall - that is, had it not been emblazoned with the Chanel logo. Needless to say, her male companion who must have had at least 40 years on her, did not look that bothered.

I'm not glad to be back though, that is for sure. Somebody, please take me away .....please.

Newsnight Immigrant Song Content

Forget Eurovision: this week it's all about the Newsnight Immigrant Song Contest.

All week six bands made up of immigrants who have moved to Britain have been doing their own cover versions of classic Eurovision songs, as they vie for the mantle of immigrant act of the year.

Amongst those competing are bands who have fled war-torn countries and been imprisoned for their music.

My money is on Dhalad: a Somali rapper who fled the civil war which killed his father.
Save Your Kisses (Brotherhood of Man).

Yes; I'm well aware, from having read some of the overwhelmingly negative comments on the Newsnight website that this is all being perceived in some quarters as a pi** poor waste of license-payers money, but I beg to differ: it's fun, engaging and heck, one up from watching Susan Boyle.
I'm just not sure it's right for Newsnight, though.

Mr Nice and Mrs Marks

Have just finished re-reading the excellent 'Mr Nice and Mrs Marks' which I first read upon its release back in 2007. It holds up well and if anything, is better on the second read.

Typically, all the media coverage has tended to focus on Howard (Mr Marks) and the more glamorous buccaneering aspects of The Business but there is much to be said for Judy's (Mrs Marks) account of those years.
I don't think she gives herself enough credit for keeping everything together through all the hard times.

Whatever your views on drugs, I really recommend you read this book.

Katie Price and Peter Andre split is a PR Stunt

...well; that is what I think.
The much publicised shock 'separation' - note NOT an announcement to divorce - comes a little too conveniently on the back of their high ratings reality TV show and a forthcoming album.
Seems William Hill think so too, offering 2-1 odds they will reunite this year.
(or rather, more like in time for the next issue of OK Mag)

I envisage an imminent slew of OK Magazine covers covering the renewal of wedding vows...oh, and well done for making Twitter Search trends! It worked!

In all; I predict tomorrow might be a good day for all those expense-snuffling MPs to bury all their misdemeanors.

T-Mobile Karaoke video advert in Trafalgar Square

The T-Mobile karaoke video advert shows the moment an estimated 13,000 people thronged together in Trafalgar Square to sing the Beatles classic 'Hey Jude'.

Just like the T-Mobile 'Dance' advert earlier this year at Liverpool St Station, this is another great viral video; a great example of 'flash-mobbing' / guerilla marketing.

Watch and download the T-Mobile karaoke 'Hey Jude' video advert on YouTube here:

Alli weightloss drug branding looks like Google

There has been a lot of media coverage about the new 'miracle' weight loss drug Alli, from Glaxo Smith Kline.
Also known as Orlistat or Xenical, it's been available over the counter in the US for a while and has just been licensed for use in the UK but has received some unwelcome media coverage on account of various unpleasant side effects.

Personally, I feel very wary at the encroaching acceptance of these kind of so-called 'miracle cures' because ultimately they represent an easy way to abrogate personal responsibility.

It's all about energy in / energy out and eating fresh, nutritionally healthy food.

That aside, the main point I want to flag up here is the uncanny similarity between the Alli logo and the Google logo. That was the first thing that struck me when I passed the Alli ad board in a local chemist's shop.

Cynic that I am, I can't help but think this is an entirely purposeful attempt to create branding which is 'comfortable' and 'trusted' with its potential customers and neatly circumvent any prickly psychological LOGIC which might suggest that such a method is not really ideal.

After all, according to an article I've managed to unearth on...Google, according to Advertising Age, Google is "the most trusted brand in America" surely something that bears a striking resemblance to that logo is already helping the wider public subliminally accept the brand as 'normal'.

What do you think?

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