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Newsnight Immigrant Song Content

Forget Eurovision: this week it's all about the Newsnight Immigrant Song Contest.

All week six bands made up of immigrants who have moved to Britain have been doing their own cover versions of classic Eurovision songs, as they vie for the mantle of immigrant act of the year.

Amongst those competing are bands who have fled war-torn countries and been imprisoned for their music.

My money is on Dhalad: a Somali rapper who fled the civil war which killed his father.
Save Your Kisses (Brotherhood of Man).

Yes; I'm well aware, from having read some of the overwhelmingly negative comments on the Newsnight website that this is all being perceived in some quarters as a pi** poor waste of license-payers money, but I beg to differ: it's fun, engaging and heck, one up from watching Susan Boyle.
I'm just not sure it's right for Newsnight, though.


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